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We are a team of independent educators who are dedicated to bringing
high quality education to the industry around us.

the power of intimate learning

Each of our classes is intimate to allow for the highest level of learning. With a maximum of 10 students per educator we want every student to get the opportunity for hands-on or individual direction and assistance through out class.

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in your business behind the chair. There is always room for growth and learning to better arm you for an epic business behind the chair.

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From start to finish, learn the tools & techniques for epic current, cutting.

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color classes

Dive into our industry's most desired looks with our Blondes, Balayage and Dimension courses.


Vivids Masterclasses

A specialized direct dye series that addresses vivid creation from lightening to color maintenance.



Because we can't be everywhere, we have select courses available online for you to complete at home.


one-on-one classes

The sessions are dedicated to walking you though your curriculum of choice directly with your own educator


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About our classes

absolute balayage

a complete balayage course

In this specialized course, we cover everything balayage has to offer- from start to finish. Once we have completed the foundational techniques demonstration, we move on to intertwining our favorite advanced techniques. We illustrate the art of BalayColor & hair painting, the importance of base coloring and application with tandem applications, as well as our methods for converting all over highlight clients to a softer & low maintenance balayage look. You will learn how to incorporate balayage and signature pieces to create more depth and even how to do a reverse balayage & BalaySombre. Finally, we address how to approach a color correction using balayage, the power of foils & faux balayage and some of our favorite tips such as finishing the hairline with a proper halo and glossing in order to erase lines.

You will walk away with the necessities of your balayage skills complete with instruction on product selection, proper mixing, application technique, the art of placement, glossing & finish. Whether you are looking to grow your clientele, expand your skill sets, or you are looking to stay current in the ever-evolving industry of coloring, this course is undoubtedly the first step to advancing your portfolio.

*Note to previous students - if you have taken our Essentials and Advanced classes - this is our replacement class which combines the two into one day*

*Doll Head Provided*

Approximate class time: 6.5 hrs


a modern view of traditional foiling

Our Blondes advanced class is all about the specialty of creating natural looking blondes from warm honeys to bright & brilliant.

We address the art of toning, the power of using root smudging and base bumping to erase foil lines, followed by identifying the purpose and placement between high contrast highlight and baby light slices. We will also go over how to approach an American Balayage and how to maintain the depth through out the back by using high-to-low hair painting with detailed instruction on when to use your Balay powers and when to foil.

Finally, the class will round out with a session on creating combo services and how to price your epic blondes.

This is a hands-on class, where you will learn and practice each technique on a doll head. Because this is a blondes class there is a strong emphasis on foil work in order practice lifting to higher levels of blonde.

*Doll Head Only Provided for specific locations before 8/1 and all classes after 8/1/18*

Approximate class time: 5.5 hrs

vivids masterclass

Our Vivids Masterclass an intensive one day class designed to teach you how to create awe striking, customized vibrant looks for your clients.

We believe that understanding the science and color wheel make all the difference with these looks. This is why the first portion is devoted to learning and discussing color theory, and lifting to necessary levels for desired looks. We will also discuss the process of identifying realistic expectations for your client through consultation, and educating them about proper upkeep, cost & care for these powerful colored locks. 

Once we feel confident in the theory behind the colors we want to show you how to build the proper foundations for any rainbow color. We will show you our favorite lightening techniques to save the integrity of your client’s hair as well as helping you learn to master proper blending techniques, reaching your desired tone, and intertwining balayage and blonding techniques to create a base for these bright and colorful works of art so even when the direct dyes fade your client is left with beautiful highlights she can wear confidently.

Once we have learned to create the perfect base and know the best tools to achieve these vibrant looks, we will move on to practicing hands on with our favorite direct dye techniques. 

Students will have the opportunity to receive intimate direction on proper saturation for color blurring and melting, the process of painting a single vivid through the ends for colorful balayaged ends, a road map for creating multi-dimensional vivids, and finally painting and melting vibrant shadow roots.

For those that are looking to expand your portfolio or bring in a new market to your work behind the chair, we believe that arming yourself with this vivids mastery class is your first step into a more colorful and consistent clientele!

*Doll Head Provided*

Approx. Class Time : 6hr Total

concept color

a corrective color course

In our new look & learn Concept Color class, we focus on deconstructing overwhelming corrective color concepts to bring flat color back to life. We address obstacles with regards to understanding the role that light plays in creating depth, natural laws of color and its natural placement, as well as the importance of understanding porosity when converting a client's color. The cornerstone of this class is devoted to understanding the concepts and implementation of expert color formulation.
Every client is a different canvas that poses unique challenges and needs, this is why you will see two lead educators address, in their unique way, their own color model.

Approximate class time: 6 hrs

creative placement

a lightener roadmap course

This hands-on class dives into fun, creative and fast ways to transform the looks of your clients with wearable hair. 
This course is focused around four different placement techniques. First you will learn to seamlessly convert brunettes to blondes -- just in time for summer! Next we'll cover creating a roadmap for achieving diffused and dimensional blondes for your over blonded clients.
With an entire quadrant devoted to understanding the art of a root smudge for natural looking yet vibrant blonde, you’re sure to walk away with techniques that will speed up and simplify your execution behind the chair. 
Finally, we will finish with a reverse balayage technique that we love for uncomplicating the process of adding depth back into the hair in order to create a dimensional, blended and low-maintenance look.

*Doll Head Provided*

Approximate class time: 3.5 hrs


a reverse color course

Modern Dimension is a reverse color course devoted to creating natural looking dimension on overly lightened clients. We love these techniques for uncomplicated color correction and believe they are vital for hairstylists in understanding color theory as a whole.

During this class, you will learn our three most effective techniques for adding depth, bringing color back to life and giving highlights the pop that they deserve. This course is ideal for those with balayage & blonding specialities, as these techniques help to create longevity in client that are constantly looking to go brighter, but natural looking.

At the very core of this class, you’ll understand the importance of light balance - in order to make your strands of light stand out, it needs depth to reflect the brightness and create authentic looking dimension.

Finally, we will conclude with a tutorial of our favorite glossing and shadow applications to ensure that your client can continue to look their best between appointments.

This course was created by The Business of Balayage educator @karaloveshair

essentials of razor cutting

a modern cutting series // level one

The Essentials of Razor Cutting is an exclusive cutting class where we will go in depth into the position, placement and purpose necessary to become a skilled razor specialist. In this class, we will go over the anatomy of the razor, the best clients to use a razor on, what results you can expect from using a razor on your cuts, and how a razor can add texture and movement to you cutting services.

We will address open vs. closed blade strokes, the purpose of tipping and weight removal, followed by two hands-on portions, one devoted to the effortless looking (Lob) Long Bob followed an A-Line with an Undercut and A multifunctional bang.

Our Razor Cutting Essentials class is highly recommended in order to move forward to our advanced and creative razor cutting courses.

*Razor & Doll Head Provided*

Approximate class time: 4.5 hrs

Razor Cutting Advanced

a modern cutting series // level one

Our Advanced Razor Cutting class is an exclusive cutting class where we will go in depth into the foundation of creating some of the most desirable shapes with one of the most powerful tools. We focus on the art of keeping both hands moving as we craft custom short to long cutting.

We will address the practice of understanding weight and foreseeing where it will collapse to craft your perfect cut and weight while maintaining length with our Long Layered Razor cut, coupled with an overcut.

Finally, we move into pixies and the art of getting comfortable with your razor being used in a much shorter area to create space. This razored pixie is created with both round and concave layers to keep a soft look and designing the hair to have more freedom of movement while maintaining texture and volume.

We recommend that each student take our Essentials Razor Cutting class in order to feel comfortable and confident with their razors as well as understanding the anatomy of the razor and the foundation techniques to creating these advanced looks.

*Razor & Doll Head Provided*

Approximate class time: 5 hrs


In our Collaborative Concept Color class, we focus on deconstructing overwhelming corrective color concepts to bring flat color back to life.

This course incorporates four of our signature techniques for bringing your clients back to the depths of rich, natural-looking color. We will address creating a rich & vibrant copper, a dimensional brunette, a rooty & believable blonde and finally a creamy chocolate brown.

The cornerstone of this class is devoted to understanding the concepts and implementation of a quality color formulation. Additionally, we address common obstacles such as when to fill hair, when to reverse foil and when to utilize open air techniques.

Every client is a different canvas that poses unique challenges and needs, understanding your base is crucial for creating rich customized color for your clients.

What sets our Collaborative Concept Color class apart is our incorporation of Live Models to be completed in class. You will take the color concepts that we learned on a doll head, we will collaborate during group consultations on the goals, formulation and solutions for each model and then each stylist will apply them to their own live color correction model.

Each student is responsible for bringing their own model to class.

Approximate class time: 7.5 hrs (Depends on processing time)

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