Our more robust level of membership enables educators & artists to focus their time and energy where they thrive.

With this membership level, we will manage everything from host set up to student management, allowing the educator to show up to class and share their knowledge without the stress of balancing a platform of classes and endless student support.

Currently Limited to 10 Brands
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Our Level II membership is ideal for those that need to take some of the weight off of managing their education platform but still want to manage their class set up and student management.

If you're one that prefers to deal with their customers one on one, this is a great membership level to start with.
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Targeting students interested in independent education can be difficult, we have spent over two years doing just that and have created a powerful platform from which you can target new customers and students for your classes.

If you are simply looking to reach a wider audience, this membership level is for you.
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